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The periodic meeting of ERFC and EuMPI

Thursday 22 January 2015, by Cristina Nogales

Paris, October 24&25, 2014

The periodic meeting of ERFC and EuMPI members in Paris, hosted by UNESCO and the French members of the Millennium Project and the ERFC, offered the opportunity for the ERFC-EUMPI Network to renew its vision and mission and establish objectives for the next period.

During 2012-2014, the ERFC-EUMPI Network has been working on a program called Foresight 2.0., in order to initiate the search of innovative and creative components in a new generation of foresight. Three reviews of field experiences have been organised in San Sebastian (Spain) about the Gipuzkoa experience, in Genval (Belgium) about the foresight experience of Wallonia, and in Ljubljana (Slovenia) about the foresight in the Danube region. The outcomes of these field studies were published in a book Regional Foresight 2.0 experiences that was launched during the Warsaw meeting in 2013, and can also be downloaded from the ERFC website.

On October 24, a morning workshop on the future of anticipatory governance in Europe was celebrated at the Headquarters of UNESCO in Paris, with two main keynote speakers: Jerome Glenn, Executive Director of the Millennium Project, talking about some future significant technologies by 2050, and Hector Casanueva, Ambassador of Chile to the World Trade Organization (WTO), with the presentation on “Looking at the future of the EU-LAC relations”. Both presentations offered a high value input for the strategic reflection and future priorities of the ERFC-EUMPI Network.

Participation of ERFC-EUMPI members at the Anticipatory Governance Workshop at UNESCO, Paris, 24th of October 2014

The afternoon session, started with the internal meeting of the ERFC-EUMPI network, being the main foresight network in Europe. This meeting, celebrated again at the UNESCO Headquarters, brought together around 20 representatives of the main foresight organizations in different European countries, such as: Germany, France, UK, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, etc. Moreover, some of these participants were representing other foresight related networks and initiatives at International level, such as the World Futures Studies Federation – WFSF or the Iberoamerican Millennium Project Network – RIBER. The summary of the current activities included:

-  Territorial foresight and Technology foresight working groups´ activities
-  Dissemination of the ERFC report on Regional Foresight 2.0 Experiences.
-  Social Network dissemination and Blog
-  Contributions to the Foresight Conference to be organized in June 2015 in Finland
-  Cooperation opportunities in the field of research based on foresight methodologies

At the end of the session, Ibon Zugasti, President of the European Regional Foresight College, and Helene Von Reibnitz, Vice-President, presented the strategic reflection process of the next day.

On March 25, the members of the network participated in the strategic reflection internal session with the aim of agreeing the working priorities for the new period. As a result of the participative process, new Mission and Vision statements were established for the network, together with the working and research priorities for the next period. The future network will be called FORESIGHT EUROPE NETWORK (FEN) and will be based in Brussels. The first president of the network will be Blaz Golob for the 2015-2016 period and the next president will be Cornelia Daheim (2017-2018). They will be supported by Ibon Zugasti, who will help with the transition to one European Network.

The next meeting is planned for June 2015 in Turku, Finland, and will be celebrated within the World Conference of Futures Research 2015.

The ERFC/EuMPI members at the Strategic Reflection internal session in Paris, 25th of October 2014

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