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New joint meeting of the European Millennium Project Nodes Initiative (EuMPI) with the European Regional Foresight College (ERFC) in Paris, March 26, 2013

Friday 26 April 2013, by Cristina Nogales

New joint meeting of the European Millennium Project Nodes Initiative (EuMPI) with the European Regional Foresight College (ERFC) in Paris, March 26, 2013

Following the previous joint meetings organized during 2012 in Brussels and Ljubljana, the European Regional Foresight College-ERFC (www.foresight-college.eu) and the European Millennium Project Nodes Initiative-EuMPI (www.millennium-project.org) continue to combine their efforts in order to strengthen their foresight networking and to contribute to the convergence of foresight methods and practices at the European level.

The European Regional Foresight College was founded on 1st April 2004, thanks to the initiative of the Land Planning and Regional Action Delegation of the French Republic (DATAR). The global objectives of the European Regional Foresight College are to create a community of competencies, concepts, methods and practices in regional foresight, to organise a European network in order to monitor and to discuss foresight practices and developments in European regions, and to contribute to the collective learning of all regional actors through the development of foresight competencies, by providing all partners with information about high-level European foresight experiences. The first years of the ERFC were dedicated to the drawing up of a foresight glossary. It has, since its foundation, organised a dozen of seminars in Paris, three residential seminars in Etiolles (Evry) and contributed to two Foresight Summer Universities in Lille. Since 2009, the European Regional Foresight College has adopted the legal status of an NGO and is working on a program called Foresight 2.0., in order to initiate the search of innovative and creative components in a new generation of foresight. Two reviews of field experiences have been organised in 2009 and 2011, in San Sebastian (Spain) about the Gipuzkoa experience, and in Genval (Belgium) about the foresight experience of Wallonia.

The EuMPI has been created in order to structure networking between European Future Knowledge centres participating as "Nodes" to the Millennium Project. The decision took place during the Millennium Project Planning Committee organised in San Francisco on July 18, 2003 and the European Regional Foresight College was officially launched the 21st November of that year at the European Parliament, Brussels: http://www.acunu.org/millennium/eu-.... The EuMPI has notably organised the international conference "The Futures of Europeans in the Global Knowledge Society" in Louvain-la-Neuve, April 13-14, 2005 in partnership with European Commission’s DG Research and the support of the European Investment Bank: http://www.wallonie-en-ligne.net/20....

In March 26th 2013, the meeting in Paris gathered futurists coming from public and private research centres, companies and universities from Germany, France, Norway, Spain, Greece, Montenegro, Poland, Azerbaijan and Belgium (Wallonia). The members of the Management Board, Ibon Zugasti, president of the European Regional Foresight College, Hélène von Reibnitz as vice-president and Michaël Van Cutsem as secretary presented the ERFC current activities, mainly:

-  Regional visits and workshops already developed (Gipuzkoa, Wallonia and Danube Region),
-  and Web & communication activities

Afterwards, the representatives of the different European Millennium Project Nodes presented their current activities. The meeting continued with three thematic presentations on different issues by Riel Miller, as Director of the Foresight Unit in UNESCO, Philippe Destatte, for Millennia 2015, and Reyhan Huseynova on the Intercultural Forum and Millennium Project Planning Committee in Baku, Azerbaijan, on May-June 2013.

Finally, the participants agreed the future actions for ERFC-EUMPI in the following months until the next autumn meeting, which will be celebrated in Warsaw, Poland, on the 21st-22nd of November 2013.

Closing the meeting, the participants jointly suggested the main conclusions and proposals of the meeting and Ibon Zugasti expressed his gratitude to all the participants in the meeting for their active contributions and good work.

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